My Weapon Against Distraction

Everyone has distractions that keep them from accomplishing their goals.  I bought a weapon that fights my distractions.

No, it isn’t an actual weapon.  I don’t have a device that electrocutes telemarketers through the phone or knocks out your bratty children for hours at a time.

I do have a computer stripped of all the bells and whistles.  No games.  No internet.  Just a glorified word processor.  It keeps me on task so I can accomplish my writing goals this year.

What’s your weapon against distraction?

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2 Responses to My Weapon Against Distraction

  1. Melfka says:

    Sadly, with English being my second language, I need the Internet for all my research (dictionaries, wiki, etc.), so all the distractions are there. I guess I just exercise a strong will by simply putting some music on and writing knowing, that all the distractions are just one click away. I hope that as time passes, I will get better and better at avoiding them.

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